Thursday, April 23, 2009

Old pictures of Penang General Hospital

The old pictures of the Penang General Hospital , some of the buildings should have been retained as heritage building, but it was not done. We have lost part of heritage. I hope the hospital authority when start any development on the hospital, to consult the heritage specialist, so that the necessary old building can be retained. The hospital is the oldest hospital in Malaysia, during the Strait Settlement day, this is also the site of administration on Singapore, Malacca and Penang. So, it is worthy to retain the old buildings if any 1882 building still around.

This is the maternity hospital , build in 1939 ,which is still use today. This is the hospital where my first child was born.

Block A, built in 1935

Nurse Hostel built in 1930, still use today

The native ward in 1882. The building has been demolished to build the administration block.

Part of 1882 hospital

1882 hospital, demolished and built nurse hostel

1854 hospital, is it at E&O Hotel site? or at the 1882 site

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  1. Question, Why I paid so much tax with the return of renovated and refurbished hospital from the federal government?

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  3. Those old high rise blocks must be built by the British Straits Settlement government ( in the 1900's.

  4. Strait Settlement was dissolved in 1-4-1946.The tall hospital building in the photo above were constructed during the period from 1930-1939, all before the war. It must be constructed during Strait Settlement period.