Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The black Pigs

The photo was taken in North Thailand, at the border villages.

The children were so excited, as this is the first time that they saw the black pigs that are allowed to run wild.

This black haired pigs are feed with natural food, not the commercialize feedstuffs. They grow their own maize(or corn). The corn plants are nourish with only natural fertilizers.

They are the main source of protein for hill tribes people.

We are worrying that time will come, where DNA engineering corns, and other animal feedstuffs will be everywhere.....even the hill tribe village in the hills.

Talking about the swine flu, I remembered the outbreak of Nipah virus in Malaysia. The outbreak was first wrongly identified as swine fever when unusual death of pig population, later when human being was affected, it was identified as JE(Japanese Encephalitis). Professor Dr Chua Kaw Bing, a virologist from Department of Medical Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya think otherwise, and despite the disagreement with his Head of department. He did not followed the instruction to destroy the sample, and continue the testing. He later discovered the new Nipah virus that caused the outbreak. Another person to be mentioned is Prof Dr Tan Chong Tin,who has the courage to agree with Professor Chua despite the odds. His support and with the courage of Prof Chua, lead to the discovery of the new virus in 1999, and a stop to the outbreak. These two men are the persons that show us what the highest level of professionalism means. To read on the story of discovery of Nipah virus, please visited http://www.neurology-asia.org/on the article written by Prof Chua with the title "The discovery of Nipah virus: A personal account" , and an article dated 22-11-2008 with the title "Spotlight: Virus mystery unlocked" on the website http://www.nst.com.my. How wild bats can caused health problem to human, when their habitat is affected.

Prof Dr Tan Chong Tin was chosen as one of the recipient of Merdeka Award for Health, Science and Technology. As Head of research team for Nipah virus.

Swine influenza or swine flu refers to influenza caused by any virus that is endemic to pig population.

(source: credited to Mikael Häggström on 27-4-2009)

Don't blame the pigs for the swine flu from Mexico. Blame the human being who use unnatural means to feed them(the DNA Engineering corn and other artificially created feedstuff), to let them grow(with injection of growing hormones)......they are growing abnormally... and their immunity weaken.....the destruction of the forest, the disturbance of ecology which affect the natural food chains....the misuse of antibiotic....the Garden of Eden has changed , not as original planned by God. Adam will not be able to recognize the natural environment if he walk in today. We ate more apples than the one apple he ate..... apples which are contaminated with chemicals created by mankind.

And the problem was started.........by us. It may not be from the swine(pig)....like Nipah virus.

Salute to all the unnamed fighters from the medical teams in the world, and pray that the swine flu from Mexico will soon be over.

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