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History of Penang Adventist Hospital檳安醫院

Penang Adventist Hospital(PAH)檳安醫院, is a private medical institution which is part of global network of more than 500 hospitals and medical services. It is part of the chains of Seven Days Adventist Hospitals under Adventist Health System. PAH also operates Adventist College of Nursing. The hospital's mission is " To make a man whole", is to follow the ideals of God, the Master Physician, and to provide for your well being by ministering for your spiritual and emotional needs.

When you enter the main entrance of the hospital, the words " God Heals, We Help" greeted you. I liked the wording .....

The hospital is located at 465, Burma Road, 10350 Penang.

The history of Penang Adventist Hospital began on 12-12-1924, when Dr Earl Gardner opened the first seven day Adventist clinic in Malaysia at 108, Muntri Street,Penang. The clinic was called Seven-Day Adverntist Mission Clinic(耶稣复活团诊所). The large sign outside the clinic read " Seven- Days Adventist Clinic, Poor treated Free".

Seven-Day Adverntist Mission Clinic(耶稣复活团诊所)at 108, Muntri Street, Penang.

In 1929, the clinic begin to construct hospital at 465, Burma Road, Penang.
In 1931, Penang Sanitarium and Hospital was completed. In early 1932, it started to see its first patient.
The clinic of Muntri Street was closed and relocated to 511, Chulia Street,Penang, in 1932; while the hospital was still under construction. Another move in 1939, to 422, Chulia Street ,Penang.

1929年,是一个全新里程碑的开 始,槟安医院的建设工程正式动土. 1931年建竣;并于1932年初开始,正式大开门户为病人诊疗。

The Love Hospital, 1941

In 1941, Japanese army invaded Penang. Six months after Japanese occupation, they took over the hospital, and renamed it " The Love Hospital". Two years later, still under Japanese occupatio, the East wing was added,which was called " The Japanese Wing".

Penang Mission Hospital, the name changed after the WW2

After WW2,the Love Hospital was renamed Penang Mission Hospital. However the hospital eventually regained its old name, Penang Sanitarium and Hospital(or Rumah Sakit Peranginan dan Rumah Sakit Pulau Pinang in Malay language).

Right Wing ,1958

After the WW2, the demand for the medical care increased, and in 1958 the right wing was built.
It changed to its current name in the late 60"s, Penang Adventist Hospital(Rumah Sakit Advent), the name change was to be in line with the name change of other Adventist hospitals worldwide.
The new 5 storey building , which house 5 theatre operating suites, a ten bed intensive care units, deliver suites, a neo-natal intensive care unit, an imaging(X ray) department, laboratory, physiotherapy unit and three floors of patient wards. Today Penang Adventist Hospigal is having 212 beds.

Penang Adventist Hospital was the first private hospital in Penang, it was also the first to start the medical tourism in Malaysia. It started to provided service to international clients in early 1932, where it provided medical service to loyalty of Thailand. Today, it provided service to international customers, mainly Indonesian, and others included Japanese and European.


A private hospital is a hospital owned by profit company or non-profit organization, where the source of operating revenue is from the payment for medical services by patients,either from themselves(personal finance), insurance company , employer, or the embassy.

All private hospital in Malaysia, must be licensed under Private Hospital Act 1971.


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