Sunday, April 26, 2009

Letter to grandma II

Dear Grandma,

I know you are not able to read this letter.I still believe your heart can read it.....

You admitted to GH and was on oxygen to support you. Doctor said you have multiple strokes, and acute pneumonia. You have difficulty to take any solid food, as all food intake you go to your lung. You are on tube with liquid food.

Doctor said your chance is 50%, depend on your strength. Your infection will come and go. I am not a doctor, but I sense the situation is bad. I really cannot see you continue suffer again.

You wake up that morning, and uncle was telling you story about Jesus. You are so happy, and I can see the face filled with hope and smile. The story make you happy and forgot about your suffering. You try to tell us something, but the voice was weak, we just cannot understand you. I hope I can read your lip, and I did try and attempt simple sign language.... but it did not do that well. I just hold your hand, your hand was holding my hand, I feel the inner strength from you, your try to hold me tight. Grandma, I remember the time when you hold my hand, when I was a small boy, I hope I can be small again.....

You are tired and you closed your eyes....... your dream must be beautiful.

Yesterday we have cell group meeting, I requested that my cell group members prayed for you, so that you will not be suffering (from your soul and body).

Today, you did not open your eyes; it is Lord's Sunday. I prayed for you during the service. God take your hand, let your suffering be laid upon Him.

I missed the time we can talk and laugh; the time you talk about your early life in China and Penang. I remember you grandma.....

I did not take anymore photo on you, I have no heart to take any further. I still remember the last time you sit up, when I said I wished to take a photo; despite you have bed ridden for some time; you make a good posture to take the photo. You attempt to be the best for the photo,just like you give your best for the family. Wife said this is the best photo since you was sick. Your smile, it warm my heart. This is the best photo.

We are waiting for miracle; God thy will be done on grandma.

God love you, grandma.

From Your grandson
Boon raymond


  1. Continuing to pray for God's will and His comfort and mercy.

  2. Thanks. My grandma open her eyes and look better now.

  3. Don't worry, Let us pray together..she will be fine..GOD BLESS HER...because of your love..

  4. My grandma has passed away, anyhow thank you for your kindness. She is 98 years old.