Tuesday, April 21, 2009

History was erased.....

History were frequently erased, from history books, from street names, now from our own Pulau Jerejak. I was aware of the Pulau Jerejak as leper hospital and retention camp since childhood days. It is part of Penang history. I have not visit Pulau Jerejak. It was reported by one blogger , that the trace of this history was erased. It is sad and an insult to the heritage city status of Penang. Lucky Pulau Jerejak is not within the Heritage city, otherwise history of Heritage city may also be erased........

Only after the last tree has been cut down;
Only after the last fish has been caught;
Only after the last river has been poisoned;
Only then will you realize that money cannot be eaten.
- Cree Indian Prophecy

Read the article, please. Thanks to Forest Ang for highligh that. I personally will not visit Pulau Jerejak, if that is true. Anyone who have visit Pulau Jerejak can confirm that ? Can the state government, please explain if it is true? Where is our protection for the heritage?

History Erased - Pulau Jerejak

by Forest Ang(http://www.forestexplorers.com)

.....I wouldn’t want to spend a single cent on the resort. Would you......?.....

History was erased. Sad but true.

At the leper’s hospital, the fame cemetery of two Russians was no more surrounded by wards. The ward with the extraordinary urinal was under the rubble. The inmates’ quarters were wiped out. The hospital staffs’ quarters had been destroyed. The place is now left barren except the mortuary or perhaps a dispensary. No development was seen there.

So why was the artifact erased?

At the prison, the maximum security prison was bulldozed. The female prison was gone. The workshop had disappeared. The kitchen vanished. A few dozen prisoners’ quarters had become scrap iron. The place is now left with 3 quarters and a rebuilt concrete hall. It is almost barren. No development was further seen. So why was the artifact erased?

What is the motive? Scrap?

Yes, SCRAP. Many of the prisons were made of thick steel.

Thick steel bar fetch good price. Somebody was making profit from the destruction of history. Who? Are they been sanctioned by the Government? Is there a graft? Is there a corruption case? Government’s property becoming scrap iron. Perhaps our beloved PM should look into this case.

Who were the people who erase history? Are they the resort people? Are they people who were sanctioned by the Government?

It cannot be undone now but I hope ACA or BPR should look into this issue. If not, more history will be erased.

So what have you got to see in P.Jerejak now? Nothing, except the teambuilding park which you can find it anywhere else in Malaysia. Nothing, perhaps the newly built suspension bridge over the reservoir. Nothing, maybe the swimming pool and the modern accommodations.

If you are planning to see the Leper’s hospital or the fame prison then I must say you are too late. History had been erased. I wouldn’t want to spend a single cent on the resort. Would you?

Penang Leads OK! ......in destroying heritage!

For gallery of Past and Present of P.Jerejak please click P. Jerejak - A Heritage Erased

(Note: Photo are from the http://www.worldisround.com)

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    Penang, actually has many heritage attractions like what we can find in San Francisco. The Alcatraz Island reminds me of Pulau Jerejak in Penang. Golden Gate Bridge in SF and Penang Bridge in Penang, San Jose Silicon Valley and Bayan Lepas FIZ. Fishermen's wharf like our Vitoria Pier and Swettenham Pier, **but I couldn't find anything there like our KOMTAR**. The whole Penang can actually turn into another California Bay Area, but it is a little bit late.

    George Town has many similiarity compared to the old town San Francisco, Penang should actually learn the lesson from this city. Besides the heritage building, the tram in SF reminds me of the old tram in George Town, I saw the tram of George Town in the book or postcard. When I was in the tram in SF, I wished Penang will have the tram back oneday.

    That's why I love San Francisco.

    Sad, this is very stupid destruction. The gomen should turn Pulau Jerejak into another Alcatraz Islands in Penang, where you can visit the prison, museum and a national park, and not only a resort with a swimming pool.

    find out more about Alcatraz: