Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fish Head Beehoon(鱼头米粉)

Fish head Beehoon(鱼头米粉) is cut fried fish head with beehoon soup. Beehoon is rice noodle.

The stall we visited in Penang is located at Burma Road(車水路) , in front of the Tua Pek Kong temple,just opposite the newly completed SOCSO office building. They called the stall" Hu Shi Hai".

There are few varities, beehoon, porridge, magie mee....they also sell seafood variety. But the popular one is fish head noodle.

The fish head noodle(mee or beehoon) , porridge is RM5 per bowl. Seafood will be higher prized, depend on what you order.

The shop only opened after 5.00p.m.

Note: The fish head noodle in Perak Lane, off Jelutong Road, is one of the good try. It also sell with crabs. Another choice is Sg Ara, just opposite the police station, if you are hungry after arrived at Penang airport. Another popular one is Bayan Lepas fish head noodle at a hawker complex.

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