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The two young Pua

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KS Pua

We used pen-drive or thumbdrive, for data storage.

Do you know the founder of single chip USB flash pen drive( USB is universal serial bus) is from Malaysia?

He is a Malaysian Chinese from a small village in Sekinchan, and educated in an independent Chinese school, which is not the main stream education system in his country. He was a graduate with Master degree in electrical and control engineering, from National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan, a degree may not recognized by his country. The market reported that he resigned the world first single chip USB flash pen-drive.

He is KS Pua (Pua Kian Seng 潘健成 ), the youngest CEO of Taiex darling stock, Phison Electronic, at 33 years old. Phison means 5 persons who found the company, which included two Malaysian, Aw Yong Chee Kong and KS Pua, both are former students of Pin Hwa High School,Klang(巴生濱華中學). Note: KS Pua humbly disclosed to reporter that he is not the founder of Pen-drive, but his two partners/founders from the company, one of them is Malaysian Aw Yong Chee Kong(refer to interview by Sin Chew Daily dated 6-4-2009)

His biodata:

Birth date: 1974 in Sekinchan,Malaysia
Primary School:
育群小學 (1981 ~ 1986)
Secondary School: 巴生濱華中學(1987 ~ 1992)
Tertiary education:
Bachelor of NCTU (交通大學), Taiwan (1993 ~ 1997), Master of Electrical & Control Engineering, NCTU, Taiwan (1998-1999)

Awards received:

  • ”The President Award of National Management Excellence Award 2006”


  • “Outstanding Young Manager Award” of HsinChu, Taiwan, 2005

(2005台灣新竹區傑出經理獎之傑出青年經理人獎 )

  • “Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Award” of TAIWAN BUSINESS AWARDS, 2005


He has changed the world in data storage...he is the technology idol that Taiwan has produced for Malaysia. If he is still in Malaysia, the world may be still using floppy disk.

Taiwan education give him the opportunity, just like what his father said to him, when he was 9 years old. "People are not unlucky in their entire lives.if you work hard you will naturally be rewarded". Is it possible if he was not given the opportunity in education? Taiwan's liberal education has produced many successful people for Malaysian Chinese education students,but yet their degree are not recognized by their own country(except recently some dental and medical degree is recognized). The justification was not clear, their standard(Taiwan universities rank among top in the global list)? their language(Japanese and Korean university, and western foreign language universities are recognized e.g. France, Germany, Russia), or hidden national agenda?

This is global era, if you don't provide the reward after their hard work( many going to Taiwan with their own finance, some borrowed monies), they will stay in Taiwan. With our discriminating education recognization system, the country lost the talents.

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Tony Phua

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I forgot, there is another Pua, Tony Pua or Pua Kiam Wee(潘俭伟), born in 1972.
You must have know this man, the MP of Petaling Utara, won the 2008 election (or 308 election) under DAP Party with a big 19,972 majority.

He was the former Malaysian CEO of Cyber Village Sdn Bhd, a SESDAQ company(Singapore exchange secondary board). He has disposed all his interest in the company prior to joining politic.

He was from Batu Pahat, from a poultry farmer family.

Tony Pua graduated from Keble College, Oxford University with a degree in Philosophy, Politic and Economic(under MTC scholarship). He received his education in Raffles Institution(under Asean Scholarship) and Raffles Junior College(under Shaw Brothers Scholarship),Singapore.

He was in the business(economic) in the past, now in politic, please read his philosophy for the future, at his personal blog. The name of the blog is Philosophy, Politic and Economics, named after his Oxford degree.

View his blog at
:,, and

These are the two great young Pua, one from the central and other from the south; they were educated oversea.......Taiwan and Singapore. The Pua family must be proud of the two young clan men; how about you, Malaysian?


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