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Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport , Dec 2008

Suvarnabhumi Airport (ท่าอากาศยานสุวรรณภูมิ.曼谷素万那普国际机场)

Still remember the occupation of airport in Bangkok? How the tourists rushed out from the airport?

On 26 November 2008, protesters supporting the People's Alliance for Democracy stormed the airport, occupying the departure lounge and blocking all exits. Three thousand passengers were stranded within the terminal, another 350,000 were stranded within Thailand, as all flights were grounded. On 2 December 2008, protesters agreed to leave the airport whereby they had been protesting and permitted the resumption of flights. Security checks, clean-ups and recertification once the illegal occupation ended delayed the airport from being fully functional until 05 December 2008(

We took an international train from Butterworth on 5-12-2008, Penang to Bangkok, and took a flight to Chiangrai on 6-12-2008. Bangkok airport is one of the busiest airport in Asia. The airport was not busy compared to noraml days ; there were no more passengers rushing out from Bangkok, departure were few as all had gone. There were some arrivals, mainly Western tourists. Few Asian tourists. The airport suffered losses, the tourism badly affected.

This is an extract from my daily on the day in Bangkok during the 2008 Bangkok airport occupation. The day immediately airport opened.

He Bing sent us to the ferry jetty and took ferry to the railway station. There are others went by their own transport. Depart from Butterworth railway station. A group of church members including Melissa and Kwang yang came to the railway station and give us a grand sent off. There were two bible students from Thailand/Burma joined our group to Thailand( Mun Siew & one from Burma). There were only two train coaches waiting for us, it looked strange for an international railway service. Normally the coaches are more, it may be because of the tense political situation at Bangkok , where many canceled their trips to Bangkok. This was the shortest train we ever take. The travel by train was pleasant; we have much sharing in the train.

Arrived in the morning at Bangkok railway station, He Bing's parent met us at the railway station. We were taken to one of shopping center in Bangkok to take lunch. Their warm hospitality provided joy to our tired souls. The sisters went shopping for the warm clothing at the shopping malls. Depart from Bangkok Airport and sent off by the parent of He Bing.

何平传道载我们到港口坐船去火车站。一部分的队员自己去火车站。师母, Melissa传道,光阳传道与及一些教会的兄弟姐妹都来欢送我们。我们也有两位来自泰国/缅甸的神学生陪同,那就是李满秀传道和缅甸的神学生。火车站里只有两个火车厢等着我们,对一个国际火车站来说,这是一件很奇怪的事情,因为那里通常会停着很多的火车厢。这也许是曼谷的政治问题所造成的,导致许多人取消到曼谷的旅程。那是我们坐过最短的火车。在火车上,我们有说有笑,十分开心。

我们抵达曼谷的火车站,何平传道的父母到火车站接我们。他们带我们到一件购物中心享用午餐。午餐后,我们就去购物。之后,何平传道的父母送我们到曼谷机场。泰國民盟(反政府组织)在12月3日结束了占领曼谷素万那普国际机场和廊曼机场的反政府集会,在那里起降的各个航班目前也正在恢复营运。但是素万那普国际曼谷机场塔飞机的人还是比平時少很多人,但机场很静, 很平安。

When we arrived in Chiangmai, there was joke, you must not wear yellow clothing in Chiangmai, as the north is the power base of Taksin's supporters. And when you return to Bangkok, you must not wear red clothes. (note: Taksin's supporters won red clothing, and current government supporter wear yellow clothes)

Red or Yellow, you are all Thai. Life need to go on. Let the politician fight their case on their platform in the Parliament and their dispute in the court. That is their games, not the war for the people.

Why fight, love your enemy(especially they are fellow Thai) and respect your opponents, that is the spirit of democracy....otherwise when emotion run wild, demon go crazy....

The nation and people suffer, remember Bangkok airport occupation, the land of smile.........

Remember global financial crisis....the more urgent agenda for the people ......


My heart cry for Thailand. Pray for Thailand ,that the smile will come back, no anger anymore.....

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