Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A commitment by the new PM

Now the new PM is a blogger himself. His blog www.1malaysia.com.my is with three languages, Malay, English and Chinese. Yes, Chinese blog, look at the photo on one of the headlines and pages in the local Chinese newspaper, Sin Chew Daily. It clearly reported that Najib is having his own blog in Chinese language!. Wah, that is improvement.......

Fear of restriction of press freedom, this is comforting words from the new PM said:

"To build a democracy (that is) responsive to the needs of the people, Malaysia needs a media that will report what they see, without fear of consequence,"

Najib, Prime Minister of Malaysia
(Source: 7-4-2009 Yahoo)

I totally agreed with you, Mr Prime Minister. As a blogger you need to follow that too.....

Let us wait and see.....

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