Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wan Hai Hotel(环海旅社), Love Lane

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  1. Charles Campbell Stewart married Janet Matilda Doral from the de Oliveiro,Doral & Lessler clans. They were from the early European/Eurasian community in Kedah during the reign of Siamese King Mongkut (of the King & I movie fame).Their family tree begun when Capt. de Oliveiro married King Mongkut's princess Bobo. As of Charles, he was laid to rest on 6/8/1958 at the Cheras Rd. KL catholic cemetery. In 12/12/2005 at Stanley's family request and (with kind assistance from the Prime Minister, whose beloved father Tun Abdul Razak was an ex-pupil of Charles) Charles's remains in grave lot no. 1236 was exhumed for reburial in his sons Stanley and Denis graves at the Penang Western Rd cemetery. His last child Denis Connolly Stewart (1913-1990) AMN,PJK, JP was a two-term Penang State Assemblyman under Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu's Gerakan party.