Monday, April 13, 2009

Angsana, Yellow Flame coming to Penang

Angsana tree is one of the major street shade trees in Penang(the other being Rain Tree). Some of the trees along Macalister Road, Burma Road, Scotland Road are old trees, and may be more than 100 years. There are new trees planted in Bayan Lepas-Sg Ara area. The picture was taken in Sg Ara.

Angsana tree is also popularly called Yellow Flame, scientifically it is Pterocarpus indicus. It is a large deciduous tree, which means that the leaves or flower petals of the tree will fall off seasonally. The tree will flower during the late March to early April. The flowers are small and yellow in color, so the name Yellow Flame. The petal of the flowers will fall off, and it looks like yellow rains. But it is not called rain tree , which is the name for other tree.

During my school days when we walk to school, along the road there were angsana trees. We like to purposely walk under the tree, so that the yellow flower petals will fall onto our body, our school bag, our face....... then we walk on the road which look like covered with yellow carpet.... what a joyful memory.

I am fond of Angsana trees, even until now I am happy to see the flowering season came. It is during my birthday, the tree will flower, will fall like yellow rains.

Fall, fall, yellow flowers, remind me of my birthday, my school days.


  1. Just read Tan Twan Eng's books and wanted to know more about this magnificent tree and Malaysia in general. Lovely blogs, thank-you.

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