Monday, April 13, 2009

Coconut Man( Aboo Siti Lane 三星巷, Penang)

He is a coconut man ! His name is Rangan, a Malaysian Indian.

He sell fresh coconut at Aboo Siti Lane(三星巷), Penang; the road between Jalan Burma(Burma Road) and Jalan Macalister(Macalister Road)

If you are thirsty while walking in the heritage city of Georgetown, Penang, this is the place you should go, a wholesome coconut for you.

You can drink the fresh coconut juice or we called it coconut water from the young coconut. Coconut water is the clear liquid inside the young or unripe green coconut, you cannot find coconut water in old coconut. The water is stored inside the hard nut called endocarp. The man will cut the outer husk(mesocarp) and make a hole into the nut(endocarp) of the coconut, and a straw will be provided. You drink the coconut water, by sucking up the water with the straw provided. Coconut is sweet with aerated feel when cut fresh.

Young coconut has very little meat, and the meat is very tender and like a gel. But as the coconut mature, the meat become harder and white in color. It is the mature coconut meat , where the coconut milk or santan derived from. He will make you an improvised spoon from the outer layer or the husk of coconut. So that you can eat the white fleshy coconut inside.

For your information, coconut water contained 95.5% water, sugar, protein, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals(e.g. Potassium oxide, iron, zinc, magnesium oxide, calcium oxide, phosphoric acid and nitrogen)

Matured coconut (source: Kerina Yin, 2008)

For you not from tropical countries, coconut is the fruits from coconut palm( or Cocos nucifera). It is a tall palm tree, growing vertically about 30m tall. It is normally growing in the coastal area.

So dun forget to visit him, when you are thirsty......

The coconut man is making an artificial spoon

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