Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mee Goreng at Bangkok Lane(曼谷巷),Penang

In my posting dated 23-3-2009, with the title " Bangkok Lane", I mentioned about the Mee Goreng at Bangkok Lane.

Today I visited again, as on my previous visits, he was not around, and the stall closed on Monday. Today I am fortunate as the owner was there. I was able to talk with him. He is Mabu (should Mamood?), he has been doing the business for 40 years. He told me that his son is now learning the trade. He is an Indian Muslim(or Mamak , as called by Penang people), opened the stall in a Chinese coffee shop(Seng Lee Cafe 胜利茶室), the corner shop at left of Burma Road(車水路) - Bangkok Lane(曼谷巷) junction.

He spoke with good Penang Hokkian, better than some Chinese, including myself.

The Mee Goreng is very popular among the Penang people. He also sell Mee Rebus.

The Mee Goreng is actually fried noodles in English, it is the frying of yellow noodles with onion, fried tofu, chilli, tomato, potato and vegetables. You may wish to add sotong (squid) or egg, but you have to pay extra. It is called dry style. It is fried noodles, mamak style.

Mee Rebus is the noddles without frying but steam the noddle with hot water, and add prepared gravy. it is less oily. It called wet style in Malaysia.

The prices are;

Kosong (means plain or normal) RM2.50
Vegetarian with egg RM3.00
Egg only RM3.00
Sotong only RM3.00
Egg and Sotong RM3.50

If you want to add more sotong(squid), the price is RM4.00; and if you want bigger serve( you said bigger plate in Malaysia, which means bigger serving, they will not sent you a big plate only), it is RM5.00.

The stall is so popular, that people remember the stall as Mee Goreng Bangkok Lane, even the coffee shop is located at 270, Burma Road.....

For those from oversea, Bangkok Lane is not located in Bangkok,Thailand; it is located in Penang, Malaysia. So please do not go to Bangkok to take Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng.......Remember it is in Penang ,Malaysia.

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