Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Horse stable that become home

It is the horse stable long time ago, where the riches and colonial high ranking officials were staying in the area. The stable was for the horses and horse keepers.

It is Muntri Street, high concentration of colonial double storey residential houses for the upper class.

Today, all the riches are gone. The horse stable has been the houses for people; who have been staying there for 3 generations.....

It is near to the city

In the early days, they shared a common toilets, they shared a common kitchen....

If you are staying up stairs, there is narrow ladder to go up

There are 12 stalls, which were converted into 12 units of houses.

Some rented 4 units....

Now they have their own toilet, their own kitchen; they have TV, even enjoying private TV channels.

I saw air-conditioners at the "stable house".

It must be a good place to live.

Note on 1-1-2012:

The place has converted into a hotel. Please visit the blog You will see the difference. Anyhow a living heritage lost...but at least better to be a hotel....than demolished...


  1. 是不是身为中文组的导游

  2. Now I know why it is so strange looking house. My Ah Yee (auntie) used to stay there. She was a Nyonya, always wear kebaya at home.