Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Letter to grandma

Letter to Grandma

Grandma , you was admitted to hospital on the evening of 18-4-2009

We visited you on the same morning , and you are able to sit up, and talk with us. You are smiling when we told you the story that touch your heart; even sometime your voice was so weak, we need to listen to you carefully. But you are able to communicate. You are joyful, even you feel tired easily.

You are able to take some solid food, and drink milk; you look better despite your body is still skinny. When I touched your hand, I can feel that your body fat and muscle are no more, I can easily touched your bone. I can no longer feel the same body of the old grandma.

Your hand move slowly, and not able to reach the direction you desire. But it is so touching when your hand move to touch auntie’s face, with loving kindness and concern.

When we feed you with milk, you still concern with all of us, and remind to keep the food for us; and ask whether we have taken any food……you enjoy food, especially the Hakka food, you drink rice wine and like tropical durian fruit.

When we left for home, to wish you good bye; you waive your hand in the air, I can see you are using all the strength you have, waiving for a long time……you are a strong woman as in your younger days, went through many difficult days all alone, our strong grandma.

We believe that you will recover, and happily left ; we know you are strong, and a good fighter in life. You will never give up so easily.

We are so shock when you admitted to hospital the evening; your eyes turned white, and was in unconsciousness. Ambulance took you to General Hospital,Penang. The journey was heavy for you, as you are fighting for your life. We prayed that you will be a victor again.

Doctor gave your oxygen, you are still not awake…. We all wait for you the whole night. We know you are still fighting for your life. We supported you in our heart, in our payers….grandma move on ,like a brave soldier…. Move on…..

Doctor told us that you have problem with your lung, you have chance of 75% survival; because of your old age; but we expected a miracle, that you life will continue until the 100th birthday.

I know you are not able to read this letter, you have not been to school; but I know your heart will read it. You can read many letters from the hearts of your loved one, who are praying for you, who are walking with you during your life journey. Grandma,your heart can read....

Grandma, jiayou. We are with you. God love you.


Your grandson

Boon Raymond




  1. Our family is praying for your beautiful grandmother, her doctors and nurses, you and her entire family.