Monday, April 20, 2009

Penang Pan Cake曼煎糕

This is Penang Ban Chang Kuih (曼煎糕) , is a type of Penang pan cake, literally means million heated cake. It is pan cake which is made from flour and dusted with sugar and ground peanut, then with paste of magerine. The original Ban Chang Kuih is of bigger and higher, which was prepared by using one big pan. The seller will cut the big cake into smaller portion. In those day, the pan cake is only plain or pan cake with white sugar. Later black sugar(it is actually brown sugar, but Penang people called it black sugar in Hokkian) provided another alternative.

The current Ban Chang Kuih(as see in the photo), is smaller in size which is prepared with smaller pan, the seller just sold the cake as it is ,without any cut. There are more varieties, egg, peanut jam, maize or sweet corn paste, are added. The more innovative one have cheese, banana,fruit jam..... but personally I still like the original taste, white or blak sugar ?....

The stall we visited is at Burma Road(車水路) , Pulau Tikus, beside Solok Moulmein ; just opposite the police station,in front of a coffee shop called Swee Kong.

The man has been in the business for more than 10 years, it was a popular stall. You can see cars parking beside to wait for their turn to buy the pan cake. You need to wait for some time.

Plain (without peanut) RM0.60
Normal with peanuts RM0.80
Sweet corn & peanuts RM1.00
Egg & peanuts RM1.50
Egg, corn & peanuts RM1.80

Note: By the way if you happen to be in Pulau Tikus in the morning, Swee Kong coffee shop is a good place for your breakfast. Visited the Pulau Tikus Market, the koay teow th'ng (or koay teow soup) is not bad.


  1. I love Ban Chan Kuih. Nowadays, BCK comes with many types of ingredients, you can add cheese, ham, tuna, chocolate, banana, raisin, coconut etc. I like the banana bck, and combination of tuna cheese bck. You can find this special BCK stall in the hawker center next to Phor Tay High School at Lipsin Garden.

  2. Wah, innovation? I still like the original Ban Chan Kuih. Plain one cooked from one big pan.The original taste. You can it from an old couple in Jelutong market.

  3. I miss Ban Chan kuih so much, I am stay in oversea I could't find the new style in here. Only one Malaysia restaurant does sell the old one but the taste not that great. May I know anybody knows how to make it. I don't know what powder theu use....please teach me, I can cook my own. Actually, I miss Penang food so much, I coudn't find delicious one like Penang. so I always try to cook myself..such as Mee Udang not hock ken mee...the Batu Maung one. I also try to cook Curry mee..I like Butterworth, I miss BCK...

  4. I do not know the recipe,it may be like the pan cakes.The ingredient included flour,mixed with egg. I think it should be like pan cake, you need a special small pan. But the BCK of old days used a big pan. So any pan should be OK. After you spread the flour on the pan, wait until it is cooked where you can see the bubble appearing, then you add in sugar, corn, groundnut or any your customized taste.....etc

  5. Thanks for your reply. I am going to try tonight...I will let you know how is the outcome.

  6. I have just tried it last weekend when i passed by the stall. It was the best BCK which i ever tried in my life !