Monday, April 27, 2009

Jalan Krian,Penang

Jalan Krian is the Malay name for Krian Road. This is an off road of Macalister Road. Krian is the district of upper Perak state of Malaysia. The road is named after the district.

It was formerly a middle class residential area, with many double storey houses.The road will lead you to the Anson Road market, where you can enjoy breakfast there.

Currently some of the double storey houses have converted into restaurants. The 16 yellow color buildings at the right side of the Krian Road, are the pre-war houses that have converted. They modeled it after Singapore's Clarke Quay, as what people said. It is called the 8 Row. The address is 2-22E, Krian Road, 10400 Penang.

The row of the 16 pre-war houses were built by R.K.S.Rawater in 1927.It is of eclectic straits settlement architectural style. A typical nyonya style with their facade reflected that.

At the corner coffee shop on the left at the entrance of the road, is located the famous Ah Lim Birthday Mee (or seh-jee-mee)stall. The shophouse is actually located at Macalister Road, as it is facing the road.

Birthday mee is the yellow noodle you eat during the birthday. Unlike the younger generation, who celebrate their birthday in western style, with birthday cake. The old generation celebrate their birthday with birthday noodle. The birthday noodle must be long, signifies the person who eat the noodle will live until old age. The grandparents especially will give the grandchildren birthday noodle during their birthday, they love to see their grandchild stay healthy and have a long life.

There is another type of white noodle made from rice flour, mee sua(面线); which is also a common birthday noodle.
Ah Lim Birthday Mee is actually birthday mee, in Lam mee style. It is served with sambal belachan (a form of chilly paste, made with prawn paste). Lam Mee is in a form of wet noodle serving, unlike noodle soup. It consists of ingredients like yellow noodle, prawn, sliced meat, omelette(egg), when it served with sambal belachan and lime juice, it gave it a hot , sour spicy feeling and taste. The gravy is prepared by boiling pork ribs/chicken carcasses for hours to be tasty, it is pour onto the noodle.

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