Thursday, September 3, 2009

From Gerik(Perak) to Jeli(Kelantan)

East-West Highway- from Gerik(Perak) to Jeli(Kelantan)

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We left Grik /Gerik late at about 3.30p.m., after the heavy late lunch at Hock Kee. The delay in reaching Gerik was due to our visit to the loyal town of Kuala Kangsar. Before leaving Grik, we visited the Chinese New Village.

The journey from Grik to Jeli was encountered with heavy rain, especially after the 2nd bridge at Jetty Awam Pengkalan Aman, Banding. We were able to stop at the jetty to enjoy the beautiful view of the lake, Tasik Temenggor(天猛莪湖). It is the largest man made lake in Perak. IN 1974, the government plan tp build a dam and fill up the Temenggor catchment area with water from the mountain rivers. And thus the Temenggor lake was formed. As a consequence, Banding (the highest peak in the Temenggor basin) was transformed into an island. With the East-West highway running through the island, Banding is the only island in Malaysia that is serviced by two bridges linking it to the mainland. Pulau Banding is the entry point to the huge Belum-Temengor Rainforest Complex, four times the size of Singapore, encompassing the Royal Belum State Park, Gerik Forest Reserve and Temengor Forest Reserve

We are able to stop at "The Top" R&R,despite it is a fasting month. The coffee shop is opened for non-Muslim travelers. After some drink, we continued our journey to Jeli, Kelantan.

We went straight from Jeli to Kota Bharu, going through Tanah Merah, by passing Pasir Mas. We arrived at Kota Bharu at about 7.30p.m. Midway at around Air Lanas, we stopped to buy Dokong fruits when the rain stopped.

The bridge

The boat ferry

Another view of the bridge from Jetty(the end of the bridge)

View of the lake(天猛莪湖)

View of the opposite bank of the lake

View of the lake from Jetty

View of the bridge from the jetty

Jetty Awam Pengkalan Aman, Banding

The 2nd bridge, the view from Jetty Awam Pengkalan Awam, Banding

Temenggor lake

The first bridge along the East West Highway; the car was passing the lake.

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