Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sungei Petani((双溪大年) - Kepala Batas(甲拋峇底) - Lunas((魯乃)

From Penang(槟城) - Sungei Petani((双溪大年) - Kepala Batas(甲拋峇底) - Lunas((魯乃) - Penang(槟城)

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A& E- Penang island
B - Sungei Petani
C- Kepala Batas
D- Lunas

This is 2nd day of Hari Raya(the Malay new year, in fact is a global new year for Muslim). The purpose of the trip to Sungei Petani is to visit cousin who is a Muslim. We took opportunity to visit the Clock Tower at the Sungei Petani town,which was donated by the late Lim Lian Teng from Penang. On the way back, we also visited the home of former Prime Minister, Tun Abdullah Badawi at Kepala Batas. But we missed the open house by him,which was held on the Hari Raya day(the first day). After the Kepala Batas town, which was in Penang state, the uncle who was with us suggested going to Lunas (Kedah)for the duck lunch. With the stomach full with all the good food, we finally head for home in Penang island.

The only thing we missed is the paddy field,which have been harvested in Kedah; we however found some in Penang near Kuala Muda area, at the border of Kedah/Penang. I planned to visit Kedah again, to feel the green paddy field.....

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