Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Taiping Food

Larut Matang Food Court, Taiping

This is the food court which is located in Taiping Town, they called it "Chai-Chi(菜市) in Hokkien. Many also call it “Downstair of Larut Matang” , it’s just opposite the Taiping Jaya Supermarket. There are many Chinese local food served in the popular food court in Taiping.

If you are in Taiping, there is one drink you must not missed, as it is only available in Taiping. They called it " Hor Ka Sai" (虎咬獅) , literally in Hokkien means Tiger bite Lion. It is a mixed drink or fusion of local coffee and Milo drink. It can served hot or with ice. The taste is good....
It is not Nescafe and Milo, which is called Neslo.


It is surprising Char Koay Teow stall is the most popular in this food court. I can see many Char Koay Teow stalls here. It is reported that the fried fish ball koay teow is the best here.

It is a popular food court in Taiping. The place is packed, especially on weekend and public holidays.


  1. hor ka sai? aiks, i'm not good with hokkien. how to pronounce that?
    hor as in river?
    ka as in add?
    sai as in west?

    sorry, bad with chinese slangs.

  2. Taiping is using Penang Hokkien,which is a fusion of Hokkien and Malay, English or even Siamese. It is different from the actual Hokkien.

    Hor is tiger, ka is bite, and Sai is lion. River is called ho in Hokkien, but your pronunciation for hor should be in 4th sound, which is horrrr..not sa-hor-fan's hor(which is 2nd sound). Horrr in 3rd sound is give.

    Do not worry about the translation, try the drink as it is only available in Taiping, may be with another specialty, fried fish ball koay teow.