Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Security alert

1. "(檳城‧威南)威南警區主任沙比安澄清,警方在涂茹莉被劫殺的案件上從不鬆懈,在案發後總共扣留了17名印裔男子助查,但皆因無證據證明他們謀害涂茹莉,唯有將他們釋放。他說,警方在涂茹莉案發3週後,曾經逮捕一名與閉路電視上的嫌犯長相相似的印裔男子,最後只能證明對方與怡保一宗命案有關,因此把這名男子交給怡保警方處理"。


2. "士姑來麗寧國中二校的中五生陳淑芳於9月17日下午2時30分,乘坐母親駕駛的電單車到住家附近的銀行提款,淑芳在士姑來皇后花園本卡得卡1路遭攫奪,結果她和母親皆摔倒在地,送院8天後不治"。

(Extract from Sin Chew Daily 29-9-2009)

We knew personally the girl , who passed away in JB after the robbery while on the way to the bank. Many of young friends who knew her as friends cried sadly, and are shock with the cruel incident, it was the bad news they cannot take it.

At the same day, in the news that suspects were relieved due to insufficient evidences....it seems to be common now, where suspects were escaped due to insufficient evidences.

I remember the TAR college students from Ipoh who was killed in Wangsa Maju....what is the development on the case, has it been solved?

I am still having nightmare on the past experience of robbery at LRT , Taman Melati station, Kuala Lumpur, during the Hari Raya Haji sometime ago, by 6 young teenagers....

The agony of my own children in SS, Petaling Jaya. As a student they have to face the agony of having to experience the robbery few times....

The repeated consolation given by police that you are lucky if you are still alive, when you went for report in police station. Is it a norm that even the police are treating as routine?

But despite the umbrella concept introduced recently by the police , which has positive impact; the cases still going on, some are not reported as it is sudah biasa( common now)...how many cases are not reported?

Where are the police protection? where are the citizen right of basic protection?

It seems that the privately organized anti-crime units in the locality are more efficient to prevent crime.....

What is wrong? Are the police now has no sense of urgency and are naive to the petty criminal cases, which now even petty crime killed......

Why?????????? what is wrong?.......

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