Friday, September 4, 2009

Kelantan Food- Kelante breakfast

There are many typical Kelantan food, which are popular breakfast, I will try all these food while staying in Kelantan. The best is only found in Kelantan. My favorite is Nasi Dagang.

1. Nasi Dagang

It is popular Kelantan food which is mixed rice of white rice and brown glutinous rice, which is cooked with coconut milk or santan, blended with garlic, onion,chilli and other spices(shallots, lemon grass, fenugreek seeds. The rice is steamed twice, first steamed until half cooked, coconut milk is added, and continue steamed until cooked.

The rice is served with fish(tuna) or chicken curry,sometime prawn is also served. The curry is different from normal curry or gulai in Malay). The curry or gulai is not prepared with Indian curry powder, but by coconut milk mixed with Malay traditional species e.g. lemon grass, chilli paste,turmeric and galangal(南姜).

Additionally served with vegetable pickles(mainly cucumber, carrots and chillis) , sliced hard boiled eggs, and sambal( a dish contained large amount of chilli).

There is different between Nasi Dagang Kelantan and Nasi Dagang Trengganu. Nasi Dagang Kelantan is using a type of wild rice which has a light purple colour and a little glutinous. While Nasi Dagang Trengganu is using normal white rice.

In Trengganu,sometime we mixed Nasi Dagang with Nasi Lemak, campore or mixed. They served also at night. For Kelantan, normally eat as breakfast food.

2. Nasi Lauk

It is a popular breakfast food for Kelantanese. It is white rice served with fish or chicken, salted fish and vegetables, cooked specifically with turmeric and galangal infused yellow gravy. The uniqueness of the food is its yellow gravy.

3. Nasi Kerabu or Khau Jam

It is rice salad, where rice is cooked with more than 50 types of herbs. There are 3 types of Nasi Kerabu:-
(i) Nasi Kerabu biasa or putih(white or normal Nasi kerabu)
(ii)Nasi Kerabu Hitam (Blue Nasi Kerabu)- cooked with local flower which produced blue color
(iii) Nasi Kerabu Kuning- cooked with turmeric

It is served with Keropok(fish crackers or fish flakes), salted egg, pickled garlic, bean sprouts, cut long bean, bunga kantan, sliced fresh cucumber . Budu (or fermented fish sauce made from anchovy and salt)is also used as condiment. Additional deep fried fish can sometime be served.

Nasi Dagang with salted fish.

Nasi Dagang with chicken curry

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Dagang with beef

Fish curry/gulai

Prawn curry/gulai

Beef curry / gulai

Nasi Lauk from the shop, look at yellow gravy.

Chee Chong Fan, Kota Bahru style(without prawn paste, without char siew, without prawn, without mushroom....just plain cilly sauce and tee-cheo)

Nasi Lauk, plain with salted fish

Nasi Lauk with fried chicken

Nasi Lauk - with fish

Nasi Kerabu, served with Budu, fermented fish sauce.

Nasi Kerabu

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