Monday, September 7, 2009

Kelantan Food: Nasi Kukus

A typical kelantan food called Nasi Kukus or Steamed Rice in English. It is served with fried chicken, beef chicken, sotong(squid)curry, and other Malay dishes and ulam(local Malay term for raw vegetables).


  1. i had the Zakini Nasi Kukus, near to the hospital. looks almost the same.

  2. Orge kelante ke?

    The stall is not at Jalan Hospital, i did not want to disclose the name, as the topic is for the type of Kelante make.

    Zakini is more popular place, it is a shop,located at

    Zakini Nasi Kukus
    437, Berek 12, Jln Abdul Kadir Adabi, Kota Baru. (Open 12 - 11pm)

    This photo is taken from a road side stall,located in the town , which will open only in evening. But seems to be popular.