Monday, September 28, 2009

Chulia Street beef noodle

Chualia Street Beef Noodle or should we call it Beach Street Beef noodle? As it is located in the coffee shop, located at the left corner of traffic junction between Beach Street(港仔口) and Chualia Street(if you come from Pengkalan Weld(Weld Quay). It is directly opposite the fire station.

The coffee shop is a single storey,it is called "Lam Ah", which literally means south asia. The beef noodle or beef koay-teow is considered by some food blogger as the best in Penang. Some called it Gu Ba Koay Teow Th'ng(Beef flat noodle soup). It is the anchor stall of the two stalls in the coffee shop,the other stall is selling Oh-chien(or fried oyster).

When we arrived at the shop, the lunch crowd has just disappeared as it is late afternoon. This is monday, just nice without the normal crowd. The owner and her workers are preparing for the next customer crowd ,that will be after office hours. The shop is normally very crowded as it is popular place for beef noodle. You can order beef ball, beef strips(gnu kin in Hockkien or ngau kan in Cantonese ),cow's internal organs; but we ordered only the red meat, plain beef meat. You can order either white flat noodle(koay-teow) ,yellow noodle(mee) or mixed of both. Koay-teow is the little flat noodle, which is in white colour.

The soup is with the typical aroma of beef soup, with coriander leaves, garlic, fried onions. The beef soup is come with special chilly sauce.

The traffic outside the shop is equally crowded and busy, not easy to get parking here.

If you like beef, remember this is the stall to patron.

Lam Ah Coffee Shop (Opposite Beach Road Fire Station)
Beach Street (at the junction where it meets Chulia Street)
George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Business hours: 9 am - 3 pm (Close on Sunday and Public Holiday)

Lam Ah Coffee shop,just opposite the Beach street fire station; located at Beach street/Chulia street corner.

The stall is located at the traffic junction between Chulia street, Beach street, Gat Jalan Chulia

Beef Noodle


The coffee shop

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