Monday, September 28, 2009

I found the pillar post boxes

The red pillar post box is the icon of England. It is one of the most familiar street furniture. It was introduced in 1853. Malaysia, in view of its colonial past, there are some pillar post box still remained.

Gat Lebuh China
(China Street Ghat)

The pillar post box is located just in front of Wisma Kastam, Gat Lubuh China. The imperial or royal cypher is ER VII - Edward VII (1901-1910).

A special place for a special heritage pillar post box

The royal cypher, ER VII; with the crown

Edward VII, it is 1901-1910, look at the key hole at the side

Jalan Pantai(Beach Street)

The pillar post box located along the Beach Street. The pillar box is without a crown. But the monogram or Imperial Cypher(Royal Cypher) is VR, the era of Queen Victoria ( d 1901). This pillar box is older than the one at Gat Lebuh Cina.

manufacturer : A.Handyside & Co Ltd, Derby & London
location: Beach Street, Penang

The old heritage pillar post box, has a younger companion

Beside that, there is another companion for fast post, in yellow color(hidden)

A proud and tall pillar post box

The manufacturer: A.Handyside & Co Ltd, Derby & London

The royal cypher, VR; but without crown. VR is Queen Victoria period, before 1901.

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