Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Taiping Heritage Buildings

Double storey colonial shop house at Jalan Kota

Chinese temple, beside Kwangdong Association. It is the temple for Ho-hsien-ku, one of the female immortal of the eight immortals , so the temple is called Ho -hsien-ku-miaou. It was built in 1887. Located at Jalan Tokong(formerly Temple Street), Taiping.

Kwandong Association or Kwang-tung-hui-kuan, found in 1887 by Chung Keng Kwee and others.It is a clan association for people from Kwangdong province of South China. In English it should be Cantonese Association. It was renovated in 1948 and 1954. Located at Jalan Tokong(formerly Temple Street).

District Office of Larut & Matang, Taiping
It was commenced building on 1895, completed and opened on 1898. It was used as government office building,including Council Chamber, Secretariat Office, Treasury, Audit, Education and Forest Departments. Today, it is used as district office.
Location: Jalan Kota

Taiping Clock Tower built in 1881,located at Jalan Kota, Taiping

It was initially make of wood, but reconstructed with bricks in 1890. It was used as town police station and fire brigade in the period between 1908-1950. It was then abandoned until recently it was used as Taiping Tourist Information Centre.

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