Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tour of Clan Jetties

Still remember Koay Jetty ,it has been lost to development sometime ago in 2006. Peng Aun Jetty was demolished in April 2007, the same fate with Koay Jetty.

The Clan Jetties, which are jetties or water villages which are named after different Chinese surnames. It was waterfront settlement located at Weld Quay.Only people with the same surnames are staying in the jetty named after their surname. The jetties now left behind are Lim Jetty, Tan Jetty, Chew Jetty, Yeoh Jetty , Lee Jetty, Mixed clan jetty. The biggest and most vibrant waterfront village is Chew Jetty(Seh Chew Keo). it is the only jetty still celebrate the worship of Jade Emperor(or god of the sky or Thnee Kong).

The clan Jetties are basically a village build on silts, at the water front area of the Weld Quay. Each jetty consists of a row of houses,linked by wood planks walkaway over the sea.

On 25-7-2009, there was a free boat trip to tour the Clan Jetties. We took the opportunity to enjoy the free tour of Clan Jetties. The tour was organized by the Clan Jetties to celebrate the anniversary of granting of Heritage City to George Town.

For more detail of Koay Jetty,which has been demolished. Please visit the web site for old photo and article on Koay Jetty before the Koay Jetty was gone in 2006:;

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