Monday, July 27, 2009

Belacan or shrimp paste factory

Belacan or Shrimp paste is an important ingredient in Malay, Chinese and Nyonya cooking, where a small portion of belacan is used. The common food that use belacan are Rojak Buah, Asam Laksa, Chee Chong Fan(Penang style), Belacan fried kangkong, belacan chicken, belacan fried rice(Thai style), and the famous sambal belacan. Belacan is one of the must buy if you visit Penang, it is souvenir item for tourist who like to cook, give to friend or family as gift.

There is a cottage belacan factory on the right side of Jalan Pulau Betong , if coming from Balik Pulau town centre. The factory is Chop Kim Hoa Belacan Factory, located at 390, Mk7, Pulau Betong, Balik Pulau. The factory is run by Lo family.

The factory purchased salted shrimp pulp, the pulp is dried in the sun. Then it is pressed through a grinder and dried again . The brownish paste is then compacted and sold in block.

The view from the factory

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