Thursday, July 2, 2009

Chempedak fruit

What is this yellow devil? The Chempedak aril with sweet pulpy flesh. Look messy...

The job completed, a bowl of the edible pulpy flesh (with seed)

searching for the hidden one

one by one,you peel the seeds

Start to peel of the seeds

The seed with its sweet pulp

The yellow aril , with the inedible core at the ceter

Hey, see what is inside the fruit.....

Just open is easier than durian...

The opening of the fruit (process from bottom to top)

The chempedak fruit, whole fruit.

(photo credited to BL Chan and thanks for the fruit from Mr Ho's orchard)

Chempedak ( Artocarpus chempedak) fruit is the cousin of Jack fruit and Bread fruits. It is big with oblong shape, yellow to orange in color; the flesh is yellow to orange depend on the species. The tree bear fruits, twice a year . It is a native tree to South East Asia.

The fruit consist of edible arils, a sweet and juicy pulp surround the seeds, found in a thick layer between the husk and the inedible core. The taste of the pulp surrounding the seeds is sweet like jack fruit, but with a strong sweet aroma but weaker than durian .

The skin of the fruits is yellow to brown, thick but leathery, patterned with hexagon that are either flat or raised.

The seeds can be boiled, and it is white when cooked. It can be eaten.

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