Monday, July 27, 2009

Pantai Pasir Panjang, Pulau Betong(浮羅勿洞大沙埔海灘)

Pantai Pasir Panjang((浮羅勿洞大沙埔海灘) is a beautiful stretch of beach, located at Pulau Betong(浮羅勿洞, not the island),Balik Pulau(浮罗山背). The place was once attacked by the Tsunami, but the beach now is peaceful and calm. The Penang sky was hazy today , and the view on the Balik Pulau Hills was not clear, the haze also affect the view of sunset at Pantai Pasir Panjang. The beach was spoiled by the construction of Kem Bina Negara, I wonder why the camp must be there, there is no other place in Balik Pulau?

This is the spot just opposite the fishing village, at the river mouth, and at the start of the road to the beach.

Another view of the river mouth

The island is Pulau Betong, the town was named after the island

The beautiful beach

The view from the beach

The sunset

Another view of sunset

The beach near the rock, at the other end of the beach

The beach

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