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Chulia Street(牛干冬) night

Sai Lam Coffee Shop, Chulia Street

The old name board in front of the coffee shop, Sai Lam in Cantonese, which means South West.

The stall owner preparing the wan-tan

The food, beef wan-tan noodle, normal wan-tan noodle, and wan-tan only

Wan tan soup only

Beef wan-tan noodle, or Ngau Lam Min in Cantonese or Ghu-bak Mee in Hokkien. Wan-tan with beef meat and the fine or thin noodles.

Normal wan-tan noodle, without the beef meat.

Making of wan-tan (in Hokkien) or won-ton (in Cantonese) or hun-tun( in Mandarin); a type of small Chinese meat dumpling. The wan-tan wrapper is actually fresh dough, it is filled with meat, then cornstarch is used to close the wrapper, with the meat filling completely covered inside the dumpling. The filling is normally minced pork meat, whole shrimp or diced shrimp meat, mixed with finely minced ginger, onion or carrot and added with soy sauce and sesame oil.

Chulia Street
Chulia Street(牛干冬) is located between Penang Road and Pengkalan Weld. Day time, it is busy business area, but come night time it is backpacker's heaven, and street food heaven for the locals.Now even the foreign backpackers take the food here.

The popular night hawker food is located just at the junction of Love Lane, Carnarvon Street and Chulia Street. Daytime it was the place that sell hardware, and come night time it was converted into a popular hawker centre.

There are about 10 hawker stalls, and one beef wan tan stall at the coffee shop Sai Lam. The most popular street food here are wan tan mee, curry mee, and the beef wan tan mee of the stall inside Sai Lam coffee shop(which also open at day time).

There is one Hainan satay which is unique, as it is pork satay, and the sauce is not spicy peanut sauce or peanut gravy, but sweet potato sauce and peanut sauce without chilly. The sauce is not oily. It is satay, Hainan style.

There are lok-lok, koay tiew th'ng, sha hor fun, loh-bak, Chinese dumpling(bachang); there are various food varieties for everyone. However there is one advice, avoid sitting too near the road, as it is the actual street food centre, you are eating beside the main road.

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Chulia Street Night Hawker Centre

The Hainan satay stall, only familiar customer know the stall

The sweet potato sauce dip and peanut sauce without chilly, for Hainan satay(non-halal pork satay)

The night view of the Chulia Street

Street food beside the road(road side), real street food lah.....

See, you are just beside the street......

This is the seat inside the lane, better place to enjoy your food......

Fruit juice stall. Try the nutmeg juice.

Popular Curry Mee, they said one of the best in Penang

Wan tan mee stall, popular stall(popular in Penang means it pass the street food taste test for by most local Penang people)

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