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HAN Hong - Heaven's Road 韩红 天路

韓紅 Han, Hong - 天路 Heaven's Road (or Road on Sky)

Han Hong is an ethnic Tibetan Chinese singer. Her voice is very good, making her very popular in China,among the different races in China. Although she is a Tibetan singer, she tried many different songs and singing styles , including pop songs and Peking Opera. She is similar to another Chinese superstar - Zuying Song. Although Zuying is an ethnic Miao (Hmong) singer, she did try many different singing styles to prove that she is really good and talented. Han Hong is one of the most popular singer in China, a singer based on her voice, and not based on beauty like many popular singers. They love her as a singer, regardless of her racial background and place she come from. It is song, and merely folk song. The song has united the people from all places in China, with a simple need, listening to good song by their own people.....Han Hong.They accepted her as their idol, a good singer.

Han Hong became famous because of her popular song entitled "The Beauty in Rains & Winds" (风雨中的美丽). However, her best songs are still Tibetan folk songs including the song "Heaven's Road".

This song is about the Qinghai-Tibet Railway (Qingzang Railway) that the Tibetan people has been longing for many years. In the past, it was difficult for Tibetan people to get necessary materials such as medicine and food from other parts of China. Many Tibetan students, if they want to get education in other places, they have to spend nearly two to three months on the road traveling from Tibet to other parts of China. After the Qingzang Railway was built, the Tibetan people can now easily move to other parts of China. By the way, the Qingzang Railway is one of the toughest projects in the world because there are many challenging engineering difficulties during the construction. This railway is a wonder in China.

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(source: extract from youtube with some added comments)

Qingzang Railway

To know Tibet, you must read the history of the Tibet, the hardship of the people in the past, the desire of the normal people from the place. Qingzang Railway was not the plan of current government, it was the dream of Dr Sun Yat Sen, the founder of modern China. The railway will bring development to Tibet.

Politician may said other thing, they are trying to turn the wheel of the history, to the fancy of the sour grape old colonial master, who missed the chance to colonize Tibet. Can we ask the Anglo-Saxon to leave USA and turn the wheel of time back, and return the land to Red Indian? Then there will be no USA, Australia, Canada, or New Zealand...... and many modern nations will be gone. If we turn the wheel even longer into the ancient time, who are the owner of the ancient nation?. Will the Ireland remember England on the famine? Will the Scotland remember the unification? The Italy's Roman empire was much bigger, there will be no Turkey. Where was the ancient Egyptian now, can the Arab return the culture and language to them? . ......Who are the actual owner ? There was no nation in the primitive world.... there was no political boundary....the political history just moved on, whether you like it or not..... it changed nations, it changed people. It is not easy to change the wheel of time back...especially ancient nations, formed at the time where there was no democracy process, it was war that determine the power of a nation, that changed boundary; then it will creates tension if you want to change history, change national boundary.......

When the politician played their games on whatever platform, it created the identity consciousness, it stir the emotion based on race, religion, territorial,...... and tension resulted, and normal people who are peaceful suffered. The force who created the tension are from outside, who are not even the residence of the area, they just watch from see the whole events happen within their master strategic plan.

The future of the Tibet is decided by the Tibetan who lived in Tibet. Outsider has no say on Tibet's future, regardless of what platform you stand. The local people know what is best for mind your own business.

If you are concern for them,be actively involved , participate in activities that will help them to improve their lives; not political activities as outsiders that created tension,that destroy their livelihood, no matter on what platform you stand .... ......

Utopia & Shangrila

You have your Utopia,
I have my Shangrila,
You may come for my Shangrila,
for a shorter stay....

But please do no force me to change for your utopia,
you will be going home shortly,
but I am going to stay in my Shangrila,
for many generation to come.....

Your Utopia,is not my Shangrila,
my shangrila have been here,
many years many years ago,
before your country was formed.
And my grassland and mountain,
will remain generation after generation....

You will be going back to your Utopia soon,
I will stay behind,
In my Shangrila........forever,
Please do not disturb my Shangrila....

No matter what happen, the song will still go on, in the heaven people's heart, no politician can change their heart.....

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