Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dr Sun Yat-sen's speech in Penang

The speech was actually from a part of movie filmed in Penang. I do not know is it the actual voice of Dr Sun?.

The speech was made on 13-11-1910 at Penang Conference,which started the donation campaign throughout Malaya, that financed the 2nd Guangzhou Uprising or Yellow Flower Mound Revolt( 黄花岗起义or 辛亥广州起义)on 27-4-1911. The Penang Conference was at 120, Armenian Street, Penang. The place was also where the Malaysia oldest Chinese newspaper, Kwong Wah Jit Poh( 光华日报) was found on 20th December, 1910. Even the 2nd Guangzhou Uprising failed, but the spark of revolution had spread until the Wuchang Uprising(武昌起义) on 10-10-1911, which started the Xinhai Revolution(辛亥革命), which resulted in the collapse of Manchu or Qing government. The day October 10th is now known as Double Ten Day (雙十節)or National Day of China(國慶日).

The speech which moved the heart of Penang Chinese, that secured the support and finance for the Chinese revolution. The Qing dynasty fell in 1911. They said it is this appeal for finance from Nanyang Chinese, that helped the overthrow of Manchu. Dr Sun said "Nanyang Chinese is the mother of Chinese revolution"....


The location of No 120 was ideal for the base of Dr. Sun's political party because it provided an escape route should a raid occur. If the front of the house was stormed, the occupants could escape via the back door into the Indian Muslim village of Kampung Kaka and Kampung Kolam!

Apparently, the Malay community in the Acheen Street area was aware of the anti-Manchu revolutionaries who were operating in their neighborhood. In fact, the revolutionaries were referred to as "orang Sun Yat Sen yang potong thau chang", or in English "the followers of Dr. Sun Yat Sen who cut off their pigtails in defiance against Manchu oppressors.


Today, the trails of this revolutionist is the new tourist attraction for Penang, it is part of Penang history. Some of the historical sites may have disappeared, but there are few still remained for tourist to explore.

The speech in Penang shaped the world history.....

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