Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hong Kong TV interviewed Chief Minister of Penang in 2008

This was the TV show of Hong Kong last year, it is in Cantonese. Some policies mentioned by the Penang Chief Minister may have changed by now. But it is nice to just have a look at the interview.

Have Penang Change? The Heritage City status is now intact, the conservation of heritage buildings is still a problem in Penang, there is still no development, heritage buildings are facing wear and tear. Some heritage conservationists are slowly showing sign of impatient. But ironically, Singaporean are buying up.....there is no sign of statutory body set up for the management of Heritage city. We need experts and professionals on the matter, and may need to acquire foreign experts, before it is too late.....

Solving politic issues are taking too much time of the state government.

The opposition party has pick up the skills as an opposition, the state government is going to face tougher time, as seen from Kampong Buah Pala issue. The competency of the government staff is still questionable, feeding wrong information to their Chief Minister? The split of the Pakatan alliance, it is ground for worry. It is time to get work, and involve less in politic for the governing party. The honeymoon period for transition from opposition to government is over, it is time for action.....

The whole state government team need to be competent, no excuses should be given, as honeymoon is over. It is different game now, and the leadership of LGE is important.

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