Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rifle Range Road(Jalan Padang Tembak)

Rifle Range Flats

The sign board for Rifle Range Flats or Rumah Pangsa Padang Tembak, Penang.

The place between Block G and H, just in front of Block H.

Like the street in Paris? it is Rifle Range Flats....

Car parking in front of the flat Block F. The flat far behind is Block E ,which is located at the turning point of the road, where Jalan Padang Temback lead to Jalan Sempadan.

Another view of the school

Pork hawker at the car park in front of the school, start selling daily from 4.30p.m.

View of the cemetery from the car park

view of Block F, taken from opposite at the car park beside the cemetery

Lane leading to the wet market on the left, , school on the right

Lane between the school and Block J

The view of car park, with the longest hawker complex behind. This is the place,you can found good and cheap hawker food in the morning. The Char koay teow, hockien mee, chee chong fan...and other hawker foods are good.

The sundry shop at the ground floor of Block G

Buying vegetables for the dinner

View from Rifle Range to Jalan Sempadan,leading to Jalan Air Itam/Kampong Melayu traffic light junction.

View of the hawkers at the side of Jalan Sempadan, continue from Jalan Padang Tembak. Beside a bus stand.

The night market just begin, at the entrance between Block G and H. The flat in the picture is Block H.

Side view of Block F

Clinic Khong, at the ground floor of Block F, one of the two clinics in Rifle Range Flats, serving the community since 1969. There is another clinic at Block G, Koon Teik Clinic, but closed last year. A new clinic ,Clinic Bersatu opened in Block H.

The fruit stall at the ground floor of Block F

Front view of Block F, facing the Jalan Padang Tembak and United Hockien Cemetery.

Looking from Block F, the background is KOMTAR and other buildings in Georgetown.

The ground floor of Block F

Another rear view of the flat, noted the clothing hanging outside..

The rear view of Rifle Range Flat

S.K. Padang Tembak, a national school or Malay school. There is no Chinese school for a Chinese dominated area, with population of 20,000 people.

Another view of the cars parking at the road side near cemetery

The open car park,once the 101 units of low cost double storey terrace house (豆乾屋) was located, it has been demolished , and was a hot issue in Penang politic. The building painted with yellow color is the wet market, the high rise building is Rifle Range Flat, Block J, another building on the right is part of the school building.

The cars parking at the right side of the road, near the corner of the left turn of loop from Jalan Padang Tembak; but beside the United Hockien Cemetery.Noticed the cars parking at the place,it was reported there are more than 3,000 cars in Rifle Range area, car parking is a problem.

The view of the road from Air Itam Road

The house at the corner of Rifle Range Road(Jalan Padang Tembak) and Air Itam Road.

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  1. i wonder if the man selling mouth watering Char koay teow in Block A still selling his stuff. His stuff used to be so heavenly!

  2. Yes,I remember Block A ground floor Char Koay Teow. Long time ago, the owner must be an old man now. I did not check it out. The char koay teow at the hawker center is good,provide you ask him to fry plate by plate.

  3. I remember there were several blocks of 4-storey flats near the terrace units.
    Nice n windy with birds eye view of the water catchment area half way down the hill
    n off course the graveyard where many kites
    compete with one another.

  4. The water-catchment pool built by the British during WW2 feels like just below the big rock to the right of your pic(view of the cementery from the carpark).

  5. Those who grew up in Rifle Range can like this page on FB: