Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dr Sun Yat-sen and Balik Pulau

(photo credited to source:, taken from Pg 38-39 of the book with the title, "Sun Yat Sen in Penang"(2008),by Salma Nasution Khoo, published by Areca Books, ISBN 9834283482, 9789834283483 )

Pg 38:

Apart from the Penang Philomatic Union,two other reading clubs were started in Penang - Gung Yi in Balik Pulau headed by Xu Ruilin, and Hua Qiao in Bukit Mertajam headed by Lin Shi'an......

Pg 39:

An autographed portrait of Dr Sun Yat-sen presented to Xu Ruilin or Choo Swee Ling,founder of Balik Pulau Reading Club in Penang

Gung Yi Reading Club was formed in Balik Pulau, which was headed by Choo Swee Ling. But it did not provided any documentary evidence, that did Dr Sun visit Balik Pulau?. It only provided evidence that there were supporters from Balik Pulau. Being a Hakka himself, the support from people of the same dialect , from Balik Pulau Hakka people is expected. Moreover, the followers and their descendants of Taiping Rebellion armies in China was reported to have migrate to Balik Pulau, and naturally they will support Dr Sun to continue their dream of overthrow Manchu dynasty.

Did Dr Sun visit Balik Pulau, and eat durian there? that will be a good academic question.

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