Saturday, May 9, 2009

Misuse of democracy

The news reported that one lecturer from USM lodged a police report on video clip which allegedly insult a religion(Bernama, 8-5-2009) .The IP(Internet Protocol) is from Kota Bharu, Kelantan,Malaysia.

I personally supported the said police report made by the lecturer. The person who posted the video should be charged under the law. He should have handed over the video to the police , instead of posting it in youtube. The person intently titled the video in which can provoked ill feeling or hate feeling among Malaysian of different racial background and religion. The posting was with malice intention. The one who filmed the video is also equally responsible for the wrongful act, if they are two different person. This is abuse of democracy and Internet.

Police this time should rightfully take the action against these two people. These are the people who are the real threat to public security,just like the Mat Rempit activities. Police should focus on these activities(not the orderly demonstration of expression). Police, your immediate action is required. From the youtube, we found there are video that make fun of national songs, national flag, race , religion; and having offensive content in their video which can cause harmful effect to the race relation, religion harmony, and even to the nation....... they should be charged within the law. They have misuse their democracy, regardless of who they are, Malay, Chinese, or Indian ; they are enemy to the democracy.

It is sad that there are people with such mentality; who are either having malice intention (political or non-politic motive), with ultimate purpose to hurt the innocent people of their race identity, their religion identity, their national identity; or to destroy the peace and stability of the country.

Sad.......democracy become demon go crazy, when you misuse or abuse the freedom of expression..abuse of democracy. True freedom, true democracy is you don't hurt people.

My hope for democracy, my rainbow for democracy ?.....

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