Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wawasan Open university, Penang

Wawasan Open University, Penang,Malaysia is a private university , open learning institution set up to cater for life long learning community without border. It uses flexible approach to make education available to all, any place and any time. It is a virtual university that provide open learning for all.

The university is located at Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah(or Northam Road), at the land owned by the late Yeap Chor Ee family. It was formerly the home of the family house called Homestead at the famous Millionaire Rows. The Yeap family foundation also donated substantially to the university.

The university was initiated by Gerakan Education Foundation, later renamed to Wawasan Education Foundation. It took its first batch of students in 2007, January. There was 720 students for the first intake, with student's age ranged from 21 to 71 years.

The main campus, comprising 12 storey Albukhary Building and restoration of the Homestead(heritage mansion) were completed in December 2007. The university was officially opened by the former Prime Minister of Malaysia,Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. There are now 6 regional offices in Malaysia, namely Penang, Ipoh, Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Bandar Utama,and Kota Bahru.

On November 2008, Tun Dr Lim Chong Ewe,the former Chief Minister of Penang, was appointed as first Chancellor of the university.

If readers is interested to know more about the university, please visit their web site

The view from the front

The statute of the late Yeap Chor Ee

The house of the late Yeap Chor Ee, Homestead at Jalan Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah(formerly Northam Road), Penang. Northam Road was known as Millionaire's Row. The land was donated by the trustee of the late Yeap Chor Ee(1867-1952) to Wawasan Open University, Penang.

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