Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The definition of education is:

Learning to be - this is the skill of understand own self; create self respect, self confidence, self awareness, self love and self capability. To learn how to express one's mind to others. To build up their positive characters. The foundation for further learning.

Learning to know- this is the skill to understand your environment; to acquire knowledge.The next step from self analysis, to learn the immediate environment connected to oneself.

Learning to do - this is an action skill to ensure survival in the environment, to learn how to provide for own self, for family in their daily life. To be more involved in the environment we lived, to actively involved in the betterment of our environment, the place we lived.

Learning to live together - this is the social skill to learn how to live in society, that life is not an island. Learn to love others, learn to share and learn to respect others. There is no bias and prejudice elements in their life, more open minded and respect others who are difference. To be good global citizen.

Looking at the world today, and the younger generation and the formal school environment; we can said that we have long way from the goal of education. Have our education system failed? or are our children learn from the informal education channel more than the formal education system provided by the state? Is there any wrong with our education system?

Look at the global financial crisis, the basis of education is not with the financial boys of wall street, greed go over their head. They have MBA from top business school in USA, but failed in the basis of education. The bankers of current financial market, equally failed to be the trustee of people's fund; they are more profit orientated, more sale orientated, more predatory marketing, created financial products not understand by their clients(even they do not understand), and the investors.

Despite the call for environment protection, business and industries are allowed to continue to pollute ...

The scientists who created new commercial products, to make more profits for their sponsors, especially pharmaceutical products... more DNA engineering... more pollution.

The education institution, going for more fund for their institution, producing PHDs who are with permanent head damage, with the field not relevant to the society?. They have lost their direction. Some even producing a series of A students like a rice cookers in a factory, producing graduates with no ability to survive in the real world.

The advertisement bombard the innocent children for the junk food, fast food and soft drinks. They are provided with computer games , pop songs , and other information with content beyond their age, causing mismatch mental development with their actual age.

The direct sale marketing offer the people with higher priced products, non-necessity products, health products.....with promises...

The politician, and their hidden agenda...and corruption and losses of government fund...and forget about serving the people. Yet there are wars, there are terrorists; what the politician fight for? for the people?...

To the society, the moral decay and .......even charitable and religious organization are become marketing oriented, CEO with gold plated taps, travel first class by jet , like a corporate CEO but using people's money which are fund collected to help disadvantage people.

They said the world had changed......and we allowed it to happen.....

But the truth never change. Not only the kids need education; the adult and the world need education, to re-learn. We need to learn like the kids, to learn all over again. To make this world new again.

Then this world will be a better place to live.

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