Friday, May 1, 2009

siTigun(Bicycle Pit-Stop Cafe)

siTigun is cafe that provide you with coffee culture that looks at coffee with respect and love, that filters right down to the care with which the coffee beans are roasted. The owner of the cafe is an Indonesian Javanese, Tigun Wibisana who married a Kelantanese Chinese from Kota Bharu. He has been staying in USA for more than 20 years. He traveled round the world by bicycle, to search for the right place to settle down for his new family. Finally he found the place, that is Penang.

He opened the cafe as pit-stop cafe, a place where one can park the bike right next to your table, and enjoy a cup of quality coffee, with peace of mind. The coffee served are home roasted coffee, with high graded coffee bean fresh from Indonesia.

Tigun is a bicycle lover, he suggested that you leave your car behind and ride the bicycle to the siTigun Cafe. siTigun is located in two units of pre-war double storey houses at heritage Nagore; the no. 15-17, Nagore Road. You still can find an old well at the back of the house. It provides a cooling effect for the coffee table nearby.

The cafe has their official website:

Hey, why not you relax at siTigun this weekend... a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.... and also an environmental friendly cafe.....

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