Thursday, May 7, 2009

Democracy- 7th May 2009 Black day for Perak

Democracy is demon go crazy, according to one Chinese scholar, Koh Hong Beng(辜鴻銘)1857-1928(who is from Penang). I now understand his wisdom and why he said that. Any excess freedom without the consideration of human life, or the other human's right is not beneficial democracy. Democracy is for the people, by the people; any political process is for the benefit of people, not just a specific person on their own agenda or platform.

In 2007,the United Nation General Assembly decided to observe 15th September as International Day of Democracy, the resolution affirmed that :-

"Democracy is a universal value based on freely- express will of the people to determine their own political, economic, social and cultural systems,and their full participation in all aspects of life"

Is the development of politic in Perak for the people? Is the elected representatives represented the people, their views? If they cannot able to represent the people, and their views, they should resign and not fit to hold any position in the government elected by the people. They have failed the people, and rightfully lost their representation.

Democracy , Demon go crazy - the Demon is the power crazy politician.....politician who go for power,position (and even merely an official car),instead of global financial crisis, H1N1....

Today is the black day for democracy in Malaysia. Who is the state leader for Perak? Where is the state government for Perak?

I am sad, as a Malaysian, who have seen the independence in 1957 and Malaysia's democracy was a model for many countries; today 2009 is a day of shame for the democracy. The victim is the citizen of the country who voted for their representative and faithfully paying tax so that the salaries of these appointed representatives of the people will be paid.

Democracy for the people? all these politician need to attend a course of basic democracy, best conducted by the United Nation. So they still remember who they represented and who voted for them.

We need to remember the culprits of all this chaos, the party hoppers, we need to remember today and show them the people power the next election. Give back the dignity of democracy,the Westminster system..and the dignity of the people's choice...

In Thailand, red and yellow shirt are allowed for both opposing parties; in Malaysia black shirt is not allowed. Democracy allow freedom of orderly demonstration, freedom of expression of will of people...Is our democracy lower than Thailand? Did the enforcement unit has the power to prohibit people wearing black shirt and freedom of expression?. Enforcement unit need to be neutral, and maintain order(when demonstration turn wild), not create their own order to prevent orderly demonstration(expression of the will of the people).... if not, what is the use and purpose of enforcement unit in democracy.

Malaysia boleh (Malaysia can...).... bukan boleh sahaja, apa pun boleh jadi( not only can, anything also can happen)....

Malu lah.... shameful....pity Perak.

Note: For readers who like to know more about 7th May state assembly chaos in Perak, Malaysia. Please visit, and see for yourself. The Great DUN Perak fiasco by;507 Perak state assembly chaos by anakmalaysia 1990 are good video to understand what happen on the day.

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