Sunday, May 17, 2009

The best kopi-o in Penang

This is at the entrance; the name is not the coffee shop's name. The name is actually Toh Soon cafe, Campbell Street, Penang. It is located at the small back lane of Penang Road shop house. The entrance is at Campbell Street. It is a typical Hainan kopitiam, which served drinks, kopi , tea, Milo.... and half boiled eggs, toasted bread( butter, kaya, or yingyong). Yingyong is corruption term for ying yang, which means mixed butter with kaya, a form of coconut jam.

The coffee with milk, forgot to take picture of kopi-o. Not managed to take photo of other food.

Look at the charcoal bread toaster, in green color.

Preparing the coffee and tea for their customers

Self service ah.........the business is so good. The visit was on Saturday.

View from the Campbell Street entrance. Look at the crowd, it is strong indicator

View from the Kampong Malabar entrance

The family from Surabaya, Java, Indonesia. Sorry the visitors also need to wait for some time

Coffee(kopi-o) with Penang Yau Char Kwai from Cintra Street. Look at the face, a satisfied face.Note : picture is too dark

Who is the man? The Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng. No more YB, taking kopi-o the same way with you and me(Penang people lah). A picture of him taken from newspaper cutting, placed in the side cabinet in the lane. Cannot take a good photo of him, our down to earth CM. Hope one day will take a real photo of him eating in the kopitiam....

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