Saturday, May 9, 2009

Black shirt, go ahead at last

We see hope, hope of awareness of democracy from the young Malaysian.

Listen to Wong Chin Huat's words carefully, Malaysian. It is inspiring....

This is democracy, the enforcement unit should re-educated themselves prior to take any action on citizen who exercise their right of expression in orderly manner. They should be neutral in politic. They are the protector of people, people's right of expression, the protector of democracy, did they played their role right? they are not the prey for politician...over-reaction for what? for who?. Read the Constitution, the right of citizen, otherwise if the enforcement unit is so powerful to arrest who they want, and not base on basis of law? what will happen to democracy? A police state. Read the law, I appeal.

We see hope and rainbow in democracy what is the fuss if I wear black, yellow, red or rainbow shirt? It is the individual right of freedom of expression, the expression of my personality.

Remember the earlier video posting on the first lesson of democracy for politician; democracy is a personality.

The color of the dress is expression of the personality, democracy.

Democracy, democracy, and democracy.....did we understand democracy?

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