Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Blue Lane(Lorong Bertam)

The small lane caught my attention on a raining day,suddenly I saw a row of blue buildings inside the lane...

It is a small lane between Penang Road and Lorong Macalister, which lead to Macalister Road on the left, and Burmah Road on the right. The lane is at the right of Sek Ong kong Si(Ong clan house), after about two shophouses which are fronting Penang Road.

Lorong Bertam, named after Kampung Bertam, a village in Kepala Batas, Seberang Prai Utara (North Province Wellesley). Kepala Batas was a birthplace of former Prime Minister,Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. But obviously the lane was not named because of him.

Thre are 21 units of double storey residential houses of similar design. It seems that the houses are occupied mainly by Indian Muslim.Other than the blue houses, on the right is a car park of Hotel Central, Penang Road. On the left is an isolated building, as restaurant.

The house was only recently painted in uniform blue color by the owner. This give it the distintive attraction as Blue Lane of Penang.

Oh, I feel blue here.........

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