Friday, May 29, 2009

Grandma passed away today

This is the song we sing when we are young for grandma. Today the song is for you...

I have nothing to give grandma, but for the remembrance of grandma, I wrote the following lines of words for her:

Grandma passed away today

Grandma passed away today,
peacefully, without telling us and said goodbye,
Suddenly, she is gone...

Grandma passed away today,
leaving with us the good memory of her,
With grandma, we have endless care and love...

Good Bye grandma,
There is so much to say,
yet no words can able to tell,
how we missed you...

Good Bye grandma,
We will remember the time with you,
the story you tell us,
the laughter we have together...

The memory linger,
your smile still fresh in our mind,
your good words are still with our ears,
what we missed is the familiar loving face of you...

we missed you...
Good Bye,

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