Monday, March 9, 2009

Rain Tree 雨树(Tree of Democracy) in Taiping

The date is 8-3-2009, the anniversary of the political
tsunami of 8-3-2008 general election, when Rain tree(雨树) will be declared as Tree of Democracy . The state assembly meeting on 3-3-2009 was convened under the Rain Tree in Ipoh. It is now a historical event.

Mr Nga Kor Ming, MP of Taiping who announced the naming of Rain tree as Tree of Democracy; is from Sitiawan, but he is the MP for Taiping. I do not know Mr Nga, whether he know or seen any Rain tree earlier. There should be many rain trees in Sitiawan. But there are many old Rain trees in Taiping Lake Garden, within his constituency.

It is in Taiping where we can see the most beautiful & oldest Rain trees along the road in the Taiping Lake Garden, Malaysia's first botanical garden which was built in 1880.

The tree shape like an umbrella, the dead leaves and pink flowers fall like rains. The leaves closed at night.

The drooping branches of the ancient rain trees planted along the road in Taiping Lake Garden, which have never fall to the surface of the lake, have been attract the attention of the visitors to the garden for a long time.

Someone said, rain tree grow best in the wetest part of Malaysia, where rainfall is highest, which is suitable for the rain trees. So, rain trees in Taiping is the best.

Someone said the main past time of Taiping folks is to guess when is the time the rains drop. Each day there will betting on the rains.

Because Taiping is Rain Town!.

Rain Trees, a simple street tree is now famous in Ipoh, and whole of Malaysia ....... or perhaps the world.

Malaysia boleh.........

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