Monday, March 9, 2009

Kuala Gula (瓜拉牛拉)

Kuala Gula(瓜拉牛拉), literally mean river mouth of sugar. It is a fishing village located at the Kerian district, west coast of Perak. Kerian is the smallest of the Perak's 9 districts. The highest point of the district is Bukit Merah; and the Tasik Bukit Merah,where Bukit Merah Lake Town Resort where we stay is located there.
Nearly 50% of the population is involved in fishing industry. Kuala Gula is famous for its Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary, seafood, firefly and mangrove swamp. We have no time for the bird sanctuary and mangrove swamp, otherwise we will have a meaningful eco-tour.

Kuala Gula Fishing Village

This kid is excited over the trip.....

Watching the firefly, unlike Kuala Selangor, it is not viewing from the river ; but the firefly is on the trees planted in the village. Not able to take photo to look like Christmas tree. Comparatively, the firefly is not many, and is isolated.

We may not have hot shower like you city folk, but we too enjoy our bath.......

Hey, 5 people?

The dry prawn (新鲜虾米)which is fresh and still under drying process under the sun.

One of the lane in the fishing village

The trip to Kuala Gula is with God's blessing; look at the promise of God appeared as rainbow in the sky. Photo taken on the mangrove swamp opposite the jetty.

Rainbow on top of fishing village

Actually not single rainbow, but two row of rainbow, if you look carefully at the photo. Double blessing......

The colorful fishing boats

The jetty

The fisherman who is touching up on his fishing boat

I am satified with today's work

The road from Simpang Empat to Kuala Gula.

Sime Darby's plantation is located along the road, all planted with oil palm.

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