Friday, March 27, 2009

A letter from Penang Boy Scout

Coronation Camp is located at Waterfall Road, near Waterfall garden or Penang Botanical Garden. It is a place where all Penang scouts cherish as it was only the last camp sites left , after the Jubilee Camp has been taken away due to expiration of the lease. Jubilee Camp was located at Teluk Pahang, where the 1st Malaysian Scout Jamboree was held in 1966.

I have been camping at these two scout camp sites during my scouting days. Jubilee Camp was near the sea, and the camp site can be at the beach front, suitable for sea activities. Coronation Camp is 6 acres in size, located at the hill side, near a small stream, Sg Air Terjun. It is also near to Moon Gate, where the campers can hike up Penang Hill, and another hill, Strawberry Hill(if the name is correct). It is suitable for hiking and other activities. The camp was discovered by 1st Penang Rover Scout Crew in 1951,under the leadership of late Mr Oon Hoot Ewe during their hiking activity. Mr Oon immediately applied to have it as 2nd campsite for the scouts in Penang.

Until 1952, it was without buildings, bathrooms and pipe waters. Mr Ho Wai Foon was in charge of the camp , as Camp Warden of Jubilee Camp for 1952-1953. The Coronation Camp was named by Mr Ho (my teacher in MBS) as the year 1953 was the Queen Elizabeth II's coronation year. In 1954, the troop hall and store rooms was constructed. It was officiated by Sir Rowallan on 6-11-1954. In 1967, MrYeoh Phee Tin ordered the 10 hutments from 1st Malaysian Jamboree at Jubilee Camp, Teluk Pahang; to be transferred to Coronation Camp. A fixed kitchen was donated by King Scout Council in 1975.

When Jubilee Camp was gone, Coronation Camp was the only campsite for the scouts in Penang. The camp site now had returned to PBA (Penang Water Authority) for the expansion of Penang Botanical Garden in 2006.

Now the boy scouts lost both camp sites.....

If the youth of today is encourage to join the world scout movement , there is no need for national service.

Many of ex-scouts has become a useful citizen in the nation. One of them is our Prime Minister, Dato Seri Abdullah Badawi , & former Chief Miniter of Penang, Tan Sri Wong Pow Nee. It is the scout movement that I learn the race relationship. I am from 24th Georgetown North.

Below is the three open letter from the former boy scouts,there may be others.

The open letter merit for consideration by the current state government. The Boy Scout Movement is in need of proper camp site.

(source of photo unknown, credit to the writer of open letter)

The 1st open letter:

Dear all:

If you are or were a boy scout and girl guide, or if you are concerning of the youth activities, please take a look of this complain and pictures taken many years ago, and a blog by BennyT about the history of Coronation Camp: .

It is very sad and heart broken when I visited and found out that the century old Scout’s Coronation Camp was demolished and moved to no where. The campsite will be turned into a bamboo garden or recreation park. What so ever will be converted to, Penangites still call that place as Coronation Camp, same as the Moon Gate, still a Moon Gate.

Coronation Camp is part of our heritage, many generations of Penangites had camped and spend their teenage life there, so why can’t the state government help the Boy Scouts’ Association to retain the coronation camp? Why can’t the former state government and education ministry or youth ministry support the activities of this international uniformed bodies, rather than spend a lot of money for national service or localized uniformed bodies? there are many unanswered questions around.

We hope more blogs will be up for us to voice our concern/views for the memorable Coronation Camp, we wish one day, the state government will bring back the Coronation Camp for the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides of Penang.

Let’s shine our Scouting Light together… and remember the scout song

This Little Scouting Light:

  • This little Scouting light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine. [Repeat twice more.]
  • Let it shine all the time, let it shine.
  • All around the neighborhood, I'm gonna let it shine. ...
  • Hide it under a bushel--NO!-- I'm gonna let it shine. ...
  • Don't you try to blow it out, I'm gonna let it shine. ...
  • All around this world of ours, I'm gonna let it shine. ...

Once A Scout, Always A Scout.

Eu , 13th GTN.

Another 2nd open letter, source unknown:

Coronation camp was belonged to the Penang State Scouts’ Association, but it was returned to PBA by the state government in June, 2006, for the purpose of Penang Botanic Gardens expansion. During the 48th JOTA/JOTI, the the State Commission of Penang Scouts’ Association at that time, has promised to allocate a new campsite for the scouts’ association. But until today, it seems like an empty promise, and the scouts/guides have to organize their annual camp or jamboree at the scouts’/guides’ HQ, located at the traffic busy Scotland Road.

The authority can demolish the Coronation Camp, but they failed to move the noisy shooting club and dare not to touch on the issue of the loud speaker in the garden. Malaysia, sadly Asia.

Another 3rd letter (extract only) from Tan:

......For the record, we have two camps - one in Guillemard Reservoir where camping is impossible as high-rise apartments hover just next door and the other within the National Forest Reserve in Teluk Bahang. The Teluk Bahang camp was paid for by the Penang Scouts through a RM88,000 donation made by the late Tan Sri Loh Boon Siew.

Penang, which saw Scouting being established in 1908, used to have two camps. One was in Jubilee Camp which hosted the First Malaysian Jamboree way back in 1966 under the leadership of the then Penang Chief Minister Tan Sri Wong Pow Nee. The other was Coronation Camp near the Waterfalls. The lease for Coronation Camp was finally withdrawn about three years ago, despite strenuous representations made to the Penang State Government

.......I feel there must be adequate facilities for training for our boys since they are the future leaders of the country.


  1. hope, LGE sees our little scouting light of mine....

  2. I am so sorry to hear that Coronation Camp has closed. I will never forget our time there at the Jamboree in December of 1998. I attended as an adult with my three sons. They were Lone Scouts from the state of Iowa (USA).