Thursday, March 12, 2009

The stall near Advertist Hospital, Penang

What is Eant Tong? Bee Koay Moay? Sweet desserts

Eant Tong, each bowl cost RM1.20

Bee Koay Moay(black glutinous rice), each bowl cost RM1.20; you need to mix with coconut milk.

Double........cost RM2.40

Another Eant Tong, actually Malay word for Bubur Gandum .....actually in English is " wheat porridge".....lah

The old man, aged more than eighties has been selling the Gandum and Mi Ko Muai for many years, in front of the Adventist Hospital, Penang. Some of customers are young students from the nearby schools, who has become doctors, engineers, lawyers.............

The customers are also international; as the visitors to Adventist Hospital , are from the Indonesia and other countries , who also patronised the stall. The uncle also played his role as tourism ambassador.

No matter who you are , if you want to take the dessert, you need to either stand near the stall or have a seat near the stall; you can also ta pau(pack) them and take away.

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