Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Grandma jia you(加油)

Grandma admitted to hospital again, on the night of 1-3-2009.

We ( me, CBL and wife) rushed to Lam Wah Ee hospital immediately received the news from 5th auntie. Grandma laying on the bed and slept peacefully. The youngest auntie was there, taking care of grandma.

I visited her the next day, 2-3-2009; grandma still feeling weak, but can remember our names( me and my wife). The nurse said she need to be in hospital for few days for medical checks.

I touched Grandma's hand and legs, it is only bone with little fresh, she must be very skinny. She is now depended on the saline solution, with no solid food. Grandma used to enjoy food in her younger days. Even at old age, she enjoyed durian, and drink rice wine; but not big eater. She is 99 years old. Still remember the hakka dishes prepared by her, she prepared " Suan Ban Tse" every Chinese New Year. We only communicate with her in Hakka, that is how we learnt Hakka dialects.

I enjoyed listening to her story about ancestral home in Taipu, China. The story of her life in Chulia Street, Paya Terubong, and 432(Bukit Gelugor). She was born in Manchu dynasty in China and lived until today. A living history, who has lived in Malaysia even before independence. Her memories of the past was good. But recently she has weak memory especially for the current events. Sometime she cannot remember our names.

We have beautiful Chinese New Year with her this year. It is a blessing to have a grandma. Grandma is now fighting against the old age processes. Time may be the limitation.

Prayed for another Chinese New Year next year, grandma jia you..........

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